OpenGoSim develops PFLOTRAN releases with new reservoir engineering capabilities and provides maintenance and support for a monthly subscription fee. The fee includes: documentation, test cases, access to the OGS Web App for simulation on the cloud with a certain amount of core-hours, and a number of support hours. Local installations can also be provided as an additional item.

Sleipner 3D

Modelling capabilities

New capabilities are being added with each release.

PFLOTRAN (Parallel Flow Transport) uses a standard control volume formulation, and it is fully implicit in all variables, including temperature. It is designed to model multi-physics and its parallel computing is based on MPI and PETSc technologies. See more at

PFLOTRAN-OGS-1.2 (May 2019)
Black oil and Solvent models with advanced characterisation of CO2, including the ability to account for thermal effects. Thermal option and multi-grid linear solver available for both models. Cross-flow well. Interfaces to industry-standard input and output file formats. Initialization by hydrostatic equilibration.
PFLOTRAN-OGS-1.3 (Scheduled for Oct 2019)
Thermal Gas-brine model. CO2-Storage-specific modelling options including correlations for the miscibility of CO2 in brine and CO2-enriched brine density. Synthetic parameters for the analysis of the fate of injected CO2, (partition between free-gas, solution in brine, and residual trapping).