Meet the Team

OpenGoSim develops and supports reservoir engineering simulation software tailored to client needs. We believe that writing innovative high profile simulation software requires a multidisciplinary team and strict cooperation with end users.

Paolo Orsini
Paolo Orsini, CEO
10 years experience in simulation software and CO2 Storage. Founded OGS in 2014, after working as a consultant in some early CCS R&D projects.
Dave Ponting
Dave Ponting, Lead Software Developer
30 years experience in developing reservoir simulators. Worked as lead developer on market-leading software ECLIPSE-300 and TEMPEST-MORE.
Laurence Ormerod
Laurence Ormerod, Chairman
40 years experience in oilfield services, large and small companies. Ex-CEO of petroleum software company EPS.
Rob Carroll
Rob Carroll, NED
Director of Catapult Ventures, which manages funds for £130 M. Professor at the business school of the University of Nottingham.
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone, Software Developer
Built his industry experience developing OGS software (Simulator and Cloud), after a PhD in Maths from Heriot-Watt University.
Jon DSouza-Eva
Jon D’Souza-Eva, Principal software engineer
Was lead developer of Tempest/View. Joined OGS with 20 years of experience in front end development.
Steve Furnival
Steve Furnival, Reservoir Adviser
Worked 30 years+ as a reservoir engineer, and was involved in the earliest Endurance CCS project. Worked for BP, Chevron and Schlumberger.
Pablo Salinas
Pablo Salinas, Senior Software Developer
Ex-lead developer of IC-FERST at Imperial College. Joined OGS with 10 years of experience in developing reservoir simulators.
Michael Peake
Michael Peake, Cloud technology advisor
Experienced in full-stack development working for various succesful startups.
Rita Nardone
Rita Nardone, Sales and marketing
Mechanical engineer with 10 years+ experience in marketing and sales for the oil and gas industry.
Tom Yardley
Tom Yardley, Strategy Advisor
Highly experienced in helping companies to raise funds. Has managed East Midlands Business Angels since 1997.