• Simulating CO2 Injection and Storage in the Cloud, 29th Oct 2019, 5pm, London
  • New contract

    New contract

    OpenGoSim has been awarded a new contract from Equinor for the development of a fast and accurate CO2 storage simulator based on PFLOTRAN.
  • PFLOTRAN-OGS-1.2 released

    PFLOTRAN-OGS-1.2 features: cross-flow well, interfaces to industry-standard input and output file formats, improved convergence robustness, initialization by hydrostatic equilibration.
  • PFLOTRAN-OGS-1.1 released

    PFLOTRAN-OGS-1.2 features Black oil and Solvent models with advanced characterisation of CO2, including the ability to account for thermal effects. Thermal option and multi-grid linear solver available for both models.

  • Welcome Daniel Stone

    Daniel Stone, PhD in Applied Math from Heriot-Watt university, joins OpenGoSim.

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